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Heavenly Retreat

5 hours


Start your day with a Custom Dermalogica Facial, move on to a rejuvenating 90 Minute Warm Stone Massage and Therapeutic Herbal Wrap.  Finish your luxurious day at the spa with a Luxor Cucumber and Green Tea Pedicure and Manicure.  Lunch and Gratuity Included.

Ageless Beauty

4.5 hours


Experience immediate anti-aging results with an Age Intervention Facial. Then wind down during a therapeutic Herbal Wrap followed by a 60 Minute Full Body Massage for pure relaxation before enjoying an anti-aging Luxor Manicure and a Signature Pedicure. Gratuity Included.

Enchanted Journey

3.5 hours $299

First treat your skin to a Custom Dermalogica Facial with an added Microdermabrasion Treatment. Then treat yourself to a rejuvenating 60 Minute Full Body Aromatherapy Massage to relax you completely. Finish off your spa experience with a Full Body Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. Gratuity Included.

Pampered Bliss

3.5 hours $284

Get familiar with the spa experience while enjoying a Fresh Start facial that includes a personally prescribed Dermalogica Skin Care Kit. Then enjoy a rejuvenating 90 Minute Full Body Aromatherapy Massage. End the day with a Cucumber Green Tea Pedicure.  Gratuity Included.

Pompeii Escape

3.5 hours $242

Come to the spa and escape into a Custom Dermalogica Facial followed by a 60 Minute Full Body Massage and Signature Manicure and Pedicure. Gratuity Included.

Spa Sampler

2 hours


Sample Mini Versions of our most popular spa services but with the full spa experience. Start with an Express Facial. Next move on to a 30 Minute Massage that focuses on your main problem areas. End your sampler with a Mini Pedicure and Signature Manicure Gratuity Included.

Endless Love for Couples

2.5 hours


Upgrade to 90 Minute Massages


Begin with a 60 Minute Couples Full Body Massage in our Couple's Therapy Room.  Afterwards enjoy your choice of Private Back-to-Back Pedicures OR 60 Min Couples Facial together!

Bridal Bliss

3.5 hours


With your Big Day just around the corner, relax as you enjoy a 90 Minute Full Body Massage, a Custom Dermalogica Facial, Eyebrow Shaping and a Luxor Pedicure! Gratuity Included.

Moment of Harmony

2.5 hours

$184 each

Experience the luxury of the spa together. First enjoy alternating 30 Minute Massages and Express Facials. Then enjoy Luxor Cucumber Green Tea Pedicures and Brow Wax. Price is per person. Gratuity Included.

Day of Harmony

A perfect day for Mother and Daughter, Sisters or Friends.

3.5 hours $252 each

What better way to spend quality time together then to be pampered. Start the day with Custom Facials. Then both enjoy a 60 Minute Full Body Massage with the choice of being in the same room or in separate rooms. Once relaxed travel together to be treated with Cucumber Green Tea Pedicures and Brow Wax. Price is per person. Gratuity Included.

Great Expectations -

For the Mom to Be

2.5 hours


Maintain your gorgeous glow with a 30 Minute Pre-Natal Skin Brightening Facial followed by a luxurious 60 Minute Pre-Natal Massage. Then relax with a Mini Pedicure and a Brow Wax. Gratuity Included.

Gentlemen's Retreat

5 hours


The hardworking man needs time to relax. Start the day with a Deep Cleansing Treatment for the face, followed by a Back Cleanse for the hard to reach areas. next let tired muscles relax and be spoiled by a 90 Minute Full Body Massage. Then enjoy a manly Sports Pedicure and Sports Manicure. Gratuity Included.

Gentlemen's Relaxer

2.5 hours


Men need to be pampered and taken care of too. What better way then an Express Deep Cleansing Treatment for the face followed by a 60 Minute Full Body Massage and a Sports Pedicure. Gratuity Included.

Gentlemen's Refresher

2 hours


For the man on the Go! Enjoy a 60 Minute Full Body Massage and a Sports Pedicure.

Mani/Pedi Princess


per child

Your little princess will enjoy being pampered at the spa with a Clear Start Facial, Mini Manicure and Mini Pedicure. Gratuity Included

Sweet Teen


per child

Enjoy a 30 Minute Massage, Clear Start Facial and Signature Pedicure Combo!

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