Integrative Reflexology

Integrative Reflexology is a form of foot and hand reflexology that uses whole-hand strokes to stimulate reflex areas to achieve therapeutic effects throughout the body.  Integrative Reflexology is based on the four theories of Structural Alignment, Zones, Meridians and  Psychoneuroimmunology.

Integrative Reflexology Sessions

Benefits of an Integrative Reflexology Session:

  • Creates a state of deep relaxation

  • Improves Digestion

  • Supports Sinus Drainage

  • Clears mucus from the lungs

  • Can induce labor contractions for full-term babies

  • Relieves premenstrual symptoms

  • Reduces muscular tension throughout the body, including the neck, shoulders, hips, gluteals and spine

  • Reduces swelling in the feet and lower limbs, which results in a greater range of motion

  • Cleanses fluids through increased kidney function and urination

  • Elicits an overall sense of well-being.

45 Minute Foot Reflexology  $65

60 Minute Hands and Feet Reflexology $80

Jill Cook, Certified Integrative Reflexology Provider

Your certified Practitioner Will:

  • Work with the structural alignment of the feet and improve function in the body, by freeing the fascia that is holding tension

  • Work with the Chinese Meridians in order to achieve greater balance in the system

  • Improve function within each cavity of the body through the reflexology zones

  • Activate the calming effect in your body while improving your mood through stimulation of the nerves on the bottom of your feet.

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